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Reading Prompt 1/28/13
There is a saying "The Greatest good for the greatest many." How does that quote relate to using humans in scientific experiments?  Would you agree to take part in a scientific study if it made promises to better the world for all humans?  Why or why not?

Reading Assignment 1/24/13
As you read your book pick one of the main characters of the book.  Then for your reading reflection write the following:

Write a wanted ad that you or one of the characters might respond to. List characteristics and skills they have. Try and come up with specifics that indicate a perfect fit, as well as broad descriptors. Make the listing as long or as short as you'd like.

"Wanted: One man, not too tall, who can change tires with racecar
-pit efficiency. Love of dogs a must, as is love of Minecraft. Strong opinions about web browsers a bonus; brunettes preferred. Qualified candidates can respond in French." (this is an example for a character we don't know)

Assignment 1/22/13
Science Fiction: Imagine a world. 
Science fiction doesn't always occur in outer space, it happens in cities,the country, anywhere really.  The most important aspect is that it is a place you know (either real or imaginary).  What is the premise?  What question does the science fiction story ask?  Is it about computers taking over society, genetically modified food making humans crazy?  This question will change your world.  Your assignment: come up with a premise.  Then write as detailed a description of the world this premise occurs in.  Describe the landscape, weather, sky, streets, transportation, government, houses, etc.  Remember that 1) science fiction is different than fantasy and 2) this is about setting NOT CHARACTERS!

It's your lucky day!  We need a little more time to get ready for War Horse.  Use this time to finish up your research on your WWI topic.  During Read aloud and Community time today you and your small group will get up and present a SHORT bit of info on your topic.  You may find it helpful to do your research and write 1-2 paragraphs summarizing your topic.  Pick only the most important info to summarize for the larger audience.  Practice delivering your summaries with your group if possible.

Reading Assignment 1/15/13
Building on the story you read yesterday (if you didn't do yesterday's assignment please complete that first.) we are going to dig deeper into this interesting, famous, short story.

1. See if you can identify any irony in the story. Hint: what is the poem about in the story?
2. Yesterday you determined that the story was written in the early 1950s.  Find out from this website about what American's feared during this time.
3. Does this give you any insight into the story?  What happened to the people?
4. Ultimately what is ironic about the technology in the story?  HInt: Why do we say we have technology? In the end did it help?  What ultimately led to the demise of the house?  Go to this website if you are still confused:
5. Finally: Open this and read.
6. What scientific advancement or technology would be a good topic for a science fiction story written today?

Reading Assignment 1/14/13

Go to this website:
  1. Read the story
  2. answer the following in your reflections notebook (remember a heading and answer in complete sentences)
  3. Who is the author?
  4. What types of technology does the house possess?
  5. What happened to the inhabitants?  How do you know?
  6. Using the internet research in what year this short story was written. 
  7. Does this surprise you?  Why or why not? 
  8. What connections can you make about this story to today's world?
  9. What do you think readers would have thought about this story when it was published?


Book Projects Due 1/10/13  Click Here for Assignment Sheet

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